Homeownership Support

RCAP Solutions provides support to families at any stage of their homeownership journey. We can help you with buying, maintaining, or keeping your home.

About Our Homeownership Support

At RCAP Solutions, we believe that the dream of homeownership should remain an area of focus, and as such, offer support to individuals and families at any stage of owning their home. Whether you are thinking of buying a house, recently bought a house, or are a homeowner who is facing foreclosure – we can help you enhance your knowledge and teach you the necessary skills to maintain a home and your finances.

Buying Your Home

Earn your First-Time Homebuyer Certificate as required by HUD and CHAPA funding and other lenders for some low-interest, low down-payment mortgage products. Topics covered include credit worthiness, down payment savings, and knowledge about the steps in the process.

Are you ready to buy the home of your dreams? RCAP Solutions can assist you in finding mortgage programs and ensuring that you are financially ready. This individual counseling will help you make informed decisions as you buy your first home.

RCAP Solutions can refer you to grant options or low/no-interest loans to help you make sure you have enough money to purchase your home.

Maintaining Your Home

Our counselors continue to provide support to new homeowners and existing homeowners. The challenges of homeownership do not end after the closing. By attending RCAP Solutions’ HomeSafe Post-Purchase workshop you will sharpen your knowledge and become equipped with the necessary skills to maintain your home and finances.
This course will successfully fufill the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP)’s ONE Mortgage Program requirements for post-purchase education.

In addition to our group classes, RCAP Solutions can provide one-on-one counseling for new and existing homeowners. Our counselors can assist with:

  • Budgeting skills & maintaining a good credit file
  • Addressing home maintenance & repairs
  • How to keep your home safe from fire & theft
  • Home, life, & disability insurance basics
  • Refinancing options
  • And more…

This lending program provides loans to fund necessary changes to keep elder homeowners, individuals with disabilities, and families of children with disabilities in their own homes. Modifications can include ramps, stair-lifts, bathroom/kitchen modifications, and much more.

  • For more information about HMLP or to download an application, click here.

Keeping Your Home

Our housing counselors can assist you in developing a budget that is built on your current financial picture and help you work towards your financial goals. We can demonstrate how credit can assist you in reaching your financial dreams. We offer group classes and one-on-one counseling.

If you are currently behind or concerned you will fall behind on your mortgage, you don’t have to face it alone. Homeowners facing foreclosure can access one-on-one foreclosure prevention counseling with us.
We will assess your situation and offer guidance on how best to avoid default or foreclosure. Our certified housing counselors will advocate for the best resolution possible. If you are facing forclosure, we can help. Contact us today.

Have questions? Looking for assistance?

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about these services, please contact us via email: HCECedu@rcapsolutions.org or phone: (978) 630-6772


RCAP Solutions Provides Homeownership Support Before, During, and After You Buy

This testimonial features a successful participant in our First-Time Homebuyer program, who recently closed on a house!