Private Wells & Septic Systems

We support homeowners and public health officials with private well and septic system assessments, education on maintenance, and best practices to ensure private water sources are safe.

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It’s a good practice to assess your wellhead several times a year, checking the well covering, casing, and well cap to make sure all are in good repair, with no entry points for pollutants.

  • You should also have the entire well system inspected every 10 years by a qualified well driller or pump installer.

  • If you have no inspection record and cannot determine the age of the well, have it inspected immediately by a water well professional.

  • RCAP Solutions can provide you with an on-site, professional review of your wellhead and the recharge area in order to determine well maintenance needs.

  • Well vulnerabilities are evaluated based on well specifications, nearby environmental threats, geology and contamination issues in the area.

In addition, we highly recommend private well homeowners get their water tested regularly.


At RCAP Solutions, we strive to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and the communities in which they live. These testimonials highlight our work and outreach efforts so that others may benefit from our services.

“I would like to thank RCAP Solutions for the terrific job they did testing my well water. The test was very thorough and checked for many contaminants. It gave me peace of mind and the suggestions they made were very helpful.”

John Private Well Homeowner

“Thank you for the well water report on our home. It was much more than I expected, including the original well installation information and a septic plan. RCAP Solutions did a very professional job and we are grateful.”

Richard Private Well Homeowner

“I want to thank RCAP Solutions for letting us be part of the private well program. I drink so much water every day and it’s in my body. I really care about the food that’s in my body so I really need to be more focused on the water that’s in my body.”

Mary Private Well Homeowner