Private Wells

The Individual Well Program (IWP), also known as EPA Priority Area 4 is funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on a national scale to develop and utilize a new assessment tool and host educational workshops on how to identify potential well issues, including contamination threats. This hands-on tool will be available to sanitarians, environmental health specialists and other stakeholders around the country. IWP will provide sanitarians and other stakeholders with the essential tools they need to assist well owners not regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), to protect and improve the water quality of wells in their communities.


RCAP Solutions, Inc. has partnered with all of its affiliated organizations as well as the University of Illinois, in the development of a private well assessment tool.  A national collaboration of health professionals, drillers, scientists, researchers, and other industry professionals advised in the development of the well assessment tool.

Private Well Assessment Tool and Workshops
The private well assessment tool and the NEHA accredited workshops will educate sanitarians, environmental specialists and other stake holders to assist well owners to identify potential issues that may have adverse effect on the water quality and reliability of unregulated wells.  A network of ground water and drinking water professionals will also be available to provide the necessary resources for participants.

The workshop will educate participants on how to use the well assessment tool to inspect the well head, recharge area, and determine well maintenance needs.  Well vulnerabilities will be evaluated based on well specifications, nearby environmental threats, geology, and contamination issues in the area.

RCAP Solutions technical assistance providers can perform well assessments on unregulated wells throughout the northeast. Well Assessments identify potential threats to your drinking water. Assessments include a visual inspection, personal interview, evaluation and recommendations. If you would like to have a well assessment performed on your private well, please click below and complete the form. This information will not be shared in any way.

Private Well Assessment Request Form

RCAP Solutions can assist private well owners in the states listed below. If you live elsewhere, please visit to find your regional provider.


Your Local Contacts for Well Support:

Connecticut: Jim Starbard, (978) 502-0227,

Maine: Kathy Rodgers, (207) 270-0145,

Massachusetts: Jim Starbard, (978) 502-0227,

New Hampshire: Martin Mistretta, (603) 312-7901,

New Jersey: Michael Cohrs, (201) 551-1173,

New York: Candace Balmer, (845) 332-0257,

Pennsylvania: Wanda Rios Martinez, (814) 718-2118,

Rhode Island: Jim Starbard, (978) 502-0227,

Vermont: Mark Johnson, (802) 505-1037,


Helpful Links: (for classes, webinars, events and other resources) (for help understanding if any action or treatment is needed on well water based on lab test results) Information on Arsenic in Food, Water & Other Sources What to Do With Your Private Well After a Flood Qué hacer con su pozo privado después de una inundación New York State resources from the Dept. of Health. Tools developed by various health departments working with CDC’s Safe Water for Community Health (Safe WATCH) program to reduce exposures from private wells. Private Well Program to Protect Public Health to address drinking water issues in the Northern Central Massachusetts area.