Solid Waste Technical Assistance

In Puerto Rico & the USVI, we help reduce pollution by supporting communities with solid waste management and recycling advocacy.


RCAP Solutions provides solid waste technical assistance and training to rural communities across Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Currently, we provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Coordinating community clean-up events
  • Developing composting programs
  • Financial analysis for waste management utilities
  • Illegal dumping elimination strategies
  • Source water protection plans
  • Building outreach and awareness campaigns
  • Proper opioid and prescription drug disposal
  • “Zero-waste” strategies
  • Assistance with the development of municipal programs like such as composting, recycling, and “Pay-As-You-Throw”
  • Educational initiatives for residents, students and municipalities, including:
    • Household hazardous waste
    • Single-use plastic bags
    • Health and safety training
    • And more…

Solid Waste Solutions in Your Community

It saves money. Reducing municipal solid waste represents a clear opportunity for your community through cost avoidance. The economic and environmental benefits include:

  • Budget savings by cost avoidance (collection and disposal costs)
  • Recovering recyclable material that can bring in revenue from the community
  • Conserving valuable landfill space and lessens the need to site a new one
  • Reducing the costs and pollution associated with hauling, incinerating, and landfilling

Make recycling easy! Recycling should be made painless so it becomes second nature for residents to participate.

  • Offer free curbside recycling
  • Allow for single stream recycling, a method that requires no sorting
  • Encourage or start recycling programs in local schools
  • Create an incentive program for residents where they incur a direct benefit from reducing waste and recycling
  • Created incentives for residents who reduce waste and increase recycling
  • Stressed the importance of community involvement
  • Taken a business-like approach to municipal solid waste management

Have questions? Looking for assistance?

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about these services, please contact Edwin Vázquez-Asencio via email: or phone: (787) 445-0076


Proper Opioid and Prescription Drug Disposal

Opioid addiction affects thousands of people each year. In addition to the harm these drugs have on people, they’re also dangerous to wastewater systems and the environment. In Puerto Rico, RCAP Solutions is educating and assisting communities with the proper disposal of these substances. Watch the above video to learn more!