The Agua4All program increases access to clean drinking water in schools and communities that need it the most by installing water bottle filling stations.

About the Program

Agua4All is a program that helps increase access to clean drinking water in schools and communities by building partnerships to install water filling stations where they are needed the most. This program also brings awareness and develops long-term solutions to issues that many rural communities face concerning safe drinking water access.

The Need

Millions of residents across the country do not have access to reliable, healthy drinking water and most of these residents are located in low-income and rural communities. Lead pipes, which are commonly found in older school buildings and childcare facilities can contribute to elevated levels of lead in drinking water, which is toxic to humans.

Children are especially impacted by poor drinking water quality. When safe drinking water is an issue, children often turn to sugary drinks, which contributes to obesity. In addition, when reluctant to drink the public water supply, many low-income families resort to drinking bottled water, which can be expensive. Plastic water bottles also harm the environment; in fact 80% of plastic water bottles used in the United States end up in landfills.

Program Benefits

Through this initiative, RCAP:

  • Funds bottle filling stations in schools and key community sites to deliver clean drinking water
  • Funds reusable bottles for students and staff use to further encourage increased water consumption
  • Reduces disposable plastic bottle waste
  • And provides student and community education on local water quality issues and healthy beverage choices

Have questions? Looking for assistance?

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about these services, please contact Mark Johnson via email: or phone: (802) 505-1037


Increasing Access to Clean Drinking Water in Schools Through the Agua4All Program

Check out this video which highlights the Agua4All program’s successes in increasing access to clean drinking in schools and communities, reducing disposable plastic bottle waste, and providing student education on water quality issues and healthy beverage choices.