Providing Technical Assistance to the Village of Wells River, Vermont to Improve Water System Operations

Wells River is a small, rural village in northern Vermont, located along the Connecticut River and directly next to the neighboring state of New Hampshire. The community has a population of approximately 400 residents.

Wells River recently completed a $3.4 million water system improvement project, which included a new manganese treatment system, a new water storage tank, and replacement of some of the water piping. This was the community’s first major investment into its water infrastructure since the original construction during the 1890s.

Thanks to funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, RCAP Solutions has been working with the community to build capacity, maintain compliance with regulations, and to find additional funding for further system improvements, so that the village can continue to supply clean drinking water to its residents.

To celebrate this tried-and-true work, we were joined by Dr. Lanikque Howard, Director of the Office of Community Services, who participated in a walking tour of the village and engaged with representatives from the community to discuss the project and potential further investments.