RCAP Solutions Team in Maine Delivers Lead Service Line Inventory Trainings

RCAP Solutions Team in Maine Delivers Lead Service Line Inventory Trainings

Written By: Jamie Bowden, Community Specialist

In November 2023, the RCAP Solutions team delivered three separate training courses across the state of Maine on the latest updates and regulation revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule. The trainings included information about the emerging lead service line inventory and replacement program with a looming deadline of October 16, 2024. The sessions were held in Biddeford, Bangor, and Houlton with over 70 different operators, board members, utility employees, schools, and daycares in attendance.

These trainings included an exercise to help participants identify changes with the lead and copper rule revisions, which include a re-visioned system for sample sites, changes in action level/ trigger levels for lead and copper, as well as changes to the notifications and timeframes in which they must be reported when an exceedance or violation occurs.

The lineup focused on the lead service line inventory/replacement planning in which attendees were asked their system size and shown the necessary steps to complete inventories with the associated spreadsheets, as well as with the assistance of a GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping. Participants left with a better understanding of how the new changes will affect their utilities and how to implement the recent updates.

A grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided funding for these trainings. RCAP Solutions would like to thank the Maine Drinking Water Program for their assistance with delivering these vital trainings, as well as Maine Water Company, Eastern Maine Community College, and the Houlton Lodge of Elks for allowing us to host these trainings at their facilities.