Synergy Spotlight: Meet Corey Stewart, Senior Accountant

Synergy Spotlight: Meet Corey Stewart, Senior Accountant

Corey Stewart is one of the many young professionals making a significant impact on the dynamic and multi-faceted organization that is RCAP Solutions. Throughout his approximately 6 years in the professional accounting space, Corey has made tremendous strides in his career.

He has always had an interest in accounting, beginning in high school. His first accounting class was an introductory course during his junior year, which he had only originally taken to fill an elective. But Corey quickly learned accounting would be his forte, stating, “Accounting and everything just clicked so well, it came very naturally to me and realized that it was something I could see myself doing as a career.” He continued with accounting studies during his senior year of high school, where he helped tutor students in Ms. Rich’s finance class – the teacher whom he credits as being an important influence on him and his career path.

After graduating high school, Corey took the next step and applied to various colleges, eventually landing on Fitchburg State University, which he attended for one year. He then transferred to Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, earning his bachelor’s degree in accounting as part of the Class of 2017.

Simultaneously, while he was still in college, Corey worked at a tax firm – first as an assistant and eventually a tax accountant, where he managed tax returns, payroll, and bookkeeping. Shortly thereafter, Corey was hired by RCAP Solutions as a Staff Accountant and was quickly promoted to Senior Staff Accountant.

In early 2020, Corey made the decision to leave RCAP Solutions, citing the need to take a step-back and focus on his new family and building his own house (an impressive feat, which he eventually accomplished)! Corey became employed at a regional credit union, where he also made an impression – he received 2 promotions over the course of 3 years and earned the President’s Gold Standard of Excellence Award.

Although he was working for a new company, Corey kept in touch with his co-workers from RCAP Solutions. Corey thoroughly enjoyed working at the credit union, but when the opportunity arose for him to re-join the RCAP Solutions team, he leapt at the opportunity, explaining, “The mission statement and the work we do here has always spoke to me. My heart has always been with RCAP, even when I wasn’t here.” Corey officially re-joined RCAP Solutions in March 2023.

In his day-to-day role, Corey accounts for the money coming in and out of the organization. The finance department is a close-knit group of professionals, working to support employees, vendors, and our various programs, many of which have a significant cash-flow component to them.

In addition to the other finance team members, Corey works closely with our Property Management division – where he collaborates with the program directors and property managers to ensure the spending for our 11 affordable housing properties is on-pace, that expenses are accounted for, and that rent deposits are accurately collected. Corey is also involved with the distribution of RAFT (Residential Assistance for Families in Transition) Program funds, our flagship emergency financial assistance service which helps struggling individuals and families with their rent payments.

“I am very lucky, I love the work we do as an organization and the people that I am working alongside with are top-notch,” Corey concluded, “we have some incredible individuals that work here!”

Corey’s contributions were noted by Alyssa Glennon, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, who said, “Corey is a dedicated and valued team member within the finance department and the organization. He cares about the work we do, and he is the definition of a team player. We are very lucky that Corey was able to re-join the team and bring his professionalism and positive attitude to our work every day. He is the type of employee that can see the big picture and always has our mission in mind. I look forward to watching Corey continue to grow and make a positive impact on RCAP Solutions with his expertise and leadership.”

Fun Facts About Corey:

  • Hometown: Templeton, Massachusetts
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling
  • Favorite Movie: National Treasure directed by Jon Turteltaub
  • Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox
  • Favorite Musician: Rob Thomas (lead singer of Matchbox Twenty)
  • Historical Figure He’d Like to Meet: Winston Churchill
  • Place He’d Like to Travel to: Tour of Northern Europe and back to Greece!