Board Spotlight: Henry Noël Jr., Boston Impact Initiative LLC

Board Spotlight: Henry Noël Jr., Boston Impact Initiative LLC

Henry Noël Jr., an Investment Director with Boston Impact Initiative LLC, joined the RCAP Solutions Board of Directors in November 2022.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Impact Initiative is a nonprofit investing fund, working to build a future where entrepreneurs of color and their communities have the financial, social, and political power to create a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable economy for generations to come.

Henry is a passionate champion of social and environmental impact and brings a robust background in business and fund development, investment, financial expertise, strong team management and communication skills.

Henry was drawn to RCAP because the organization’s work aligns with his goals, and he saw similarities in the missions of RCAP and his organization. He remarked, “Empowering communities is important to me. Building communities from the ground up is where you can make the most impact. RCAP provides deep resources for communities, families, individuals, and businesses. This is what I do in my professional life, so I feel there are a lot of synergies.”

Henry has over 20 years of investment experience with an expertise in analysis, valuation, management, and sales; however, he did not always see himself in the financial arena. “Growing up, I always wanted to be a doctor,” stated Henry. “In my first year of college, I took labs and biology courses. During my second semester, I took a required economics class. After that, I switched majors, fell in love with finance, and never looked back. I was fascinated with understanding how the economy worked. My professor brought the concepts to life and showed us how different strategies and concepts can impact people’s lives.”

When asked what he is most proud of, Henry commented, “It’s not just any one thing, but the sum of what Boston Impact Initiative is doing right now, by putting money to work in the community to support some great entrepreneurs.” He went on to say, “I have an easy job, looking at balance sheets and hearing their pitches. I evaluate these things on a regular basis, and seeing the passion in the entrepreneurs’ eyes, hearing what brought them to a problem and what solution they bring can be fascinating. I ask, how can I help them magnify their vision? Supporting entrepreneurs and seeing these companies doing extremely well, the more they grow and prosper, I feel pride in having a small part in contributing to their success.”

He describes his short experience as a board member as a learning journey. “RCAP does a lot and does it well,” he stated. He hopes to add value to the organization where it’s most necessary. “I’m really starting to wrap my arms around everything we do, and I look forward to finding a niche that I can help to champion. I look to make connections for RCAP and believe my network can benefit the organization from many different standpoints, including funding, local resources, relationships, and networks.”

He earned an MBA from Hofstra University, Zarb School of Business in Hempstead, NY, and a BA in Business Administration from Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, MA. He also completed the Oxford University Impact Investing Programme at Said Business School in Oxford UK. He has volunteered as a mentor with Entrepreneurship for All, a nonprofit that partners with communities nationwide to help under-represented individuals start and grow their businesses through training, mentorship, and an extensive support network. In his spare time, Henry enjoys cooking. He joked, “it helps to relieve stress, brings out creativity, and I enjoy eating, so it works out well”.