John and Rebecca’s Story: Using Funds From the Home Modification Loan Program to Improve a Loved One’s Quality of Life

John and his wife Rebecca have been living in their Shrewsbury, Massachusetts home for over 40 years. Rebecca, who met John at a company they formerly worked at, is an avid ornamentalist and hangs the walls of their house with numerous pieces of art and other décor, making their home their home feel truly cozy.

During 2014, the couple went to the doctor after noticing changes in Rebecca’s behavior, such as her difficulty remembering things and confusion when performing daily activities. Rebecca was shortly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

For several years the disease progressed. Rebecca began to use a wheelchair and John looked for new ways to make their home more accessible.

John and Rebecca’s bathroom proved difficult for mobility, as Rebecca could not lift herself into the bathtub-shower. For Rebecca to stay clean, she was given sponge baths. Their caregiver, who tends to Rebecca while John is at work, informed John of the Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP) and how it could improve Rebecca’s quality of life.

After applying for the loan, identifying a certified contractor, and construction was completed, John and Rebecca’s old bathtub-shower was replaced with an ADA compliant barrier-free shower, allowing Rebecca to be rolled into the shower using a shower wheelchair.

Thanks to HMLP, Rebecca is now able to take frequent showers with ease and John has peace of mind knowing that his wife can cleanse safely. After taking her first shower in several years, Rebecca, who has limited vocal capabilities, managed to express her gratitude by saying the words “thank you” and giving a kiss to the caregiver who was assisting her.

Tania’s Story: A Graduate of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program Who Didn’t Just Meet Her Goals, but Exceeded Them!

A single parent, Tania had been living in a subsidized housing apartment for several years when she heard about the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program from a friend. In 2016, when she first enrolled in the program, Tania used a wheelchair due to a rare inflammation in her back and knees, but that did not hinder her ambition.

A self-proclaimed “go-getter”, Tania came into the program with very clear goals:

  • Improve and build her credit score
  • Purchase a new car
  • Further her education
  • Grow her career
  • And accomplish the ultimate task – purchasing a home

Coupled by the support provided by RCAP Solutions and her extreme drive to succeed, Tania not only met these goals – but exceeded them.

The FSS Program is a 5-year program which helps Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders and Project-Based Voucher recipients to achieve economic stability. Program participants receive a financial incentive of an escrow account in their name that they will have access to after graduating the program. In addition, program participants work with a dedicated case manager to set milestones and achieve several goals which result in increased financial independence.

Tania first had to fix her poor credit score, which she did by attending a Financial Capability workshop at RCAP Solutions. She was able to review her credit report and removed excess and unused accounts. She opened a new credit card account and learned to budget so that she could pay her bills when they were due.

No longer needing a wheelchair, and due to the success of her newfound financial freedom, Tania was able to purchase a new car. She attended community college and graduated with a degree in accounting.

Tania’s employers at a home improvement retailer, impressed by her achievements at both work and in her personal life, promoted her twice since she began working there in 2017. Tania now serves as a district manager and oversees the installation of doors, windows, cabinets, and other miscellaneous home improvement projects for customers across the region.

In addition, Tania has been the recipient of several professional awards for her dedication and commitment to her co-workers, customers, and associates. Tania has taken on further professional development courses and enrolled in leadership skills training.

After spending so much time working in the home improvement business, Tania decided it was time for a home of her own. She enrolled in the First-Time Homebuyer Certification class at RCAP Solutions, which furthered her ability to finance the purchase and was connected to low-interest mortgage programs and down-payment assistance options.

Tania graduated from the FSS Program in August 2021 and is now a proud homeowner with over $15,000 in savings which she accrued during her 5 years in the program.

As for others considering enrolling in this program and becoming more financially independent, Tania says, “Anything is possible if you give it your all. If you put in the effort, everything will fall into place, and it will all get accomplished”.

Testimonial – Village of Granville, NY

villagemainI am writing to express the Village of Granville’s appreciation and strong support for Mark Johnson of RCAP Solutions Inc.  Mr. Johnson has been instrumental in developing the operations and maintenance plan for the Village’s new Water Treatment Plant, completed in 2012.  Mr. Johnson is consistently organized and prepared, and he has utilized his experience to aid the Village with numerous recommendations in maintaining compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, as well as to make the plant safer and more efficient.

At a time when the Village has been short staffed due to budgetary constraints (operating with a staff of 6 instead of 8), Mr. Johnson’s assistance and counsel has been most helpful. The Operations and Maintenance Plan that he has helped to develop is an absolute necessity for the future, as the Village will be losing two of our senior operators to retirement in the next 24 months.

Mr. Johnson has consistently displayed a professional and positive attitude in assisting the Village throughout the process. On behalf of the Village, I would like to express our sincere appreciation, and also state that we hope for the opportunity to continue our relationship with him in the future as time and funding allow.


Scott Mackey

Mechanic/Water Plant Operator

Village of Granville, Granville, New York

A Note of Thanks from a Client

We are always pleased to receive feedback from the clients and communities we serve.

We were especially grateful for this recent note from the South Ashmere Water Association, located in Hinsdale, MA, in Berkshire County, which included a donation of $100. This contribution will help our organization to continue the important work we do to help individuals and communities to build pathways to self-sufficiency and expanded economic opportunity.

The note reads:

Dear Jim, Thank you note Ashmere

On behalf of the South Ashmere Water Association, I want to thank you for your help in shaping our asset management plan.  We could not have complied with the D.E.P. (Department of Environmental Protection) requirement or found a practical way of using the information without your help! 

Please accept the donation enclosed in appreciation for your service. 


Clay Knapp, President

Praise for an Outstanding Employee


Note to reader: This is an email that was received last week from a client. This message shows our mission in action and reinforces why customer service is a top priority to all of us at RCAP Solutions. We applaud Jahaira Gonzalez for her professionalism and commitment to her clients while treating everyone she comes in contact with respect, care and excellent service.

Subject: Praise for an Outstanding Employee

Bill Minkle
Senior Vice President and Deputy Director to the President & CEO
RCAP Solutions

Mr. Minkle,

It is not often that I find myself writing an email like this, however, it is my pleasure to be doing so to bring to your attention the outstanding service that I have received from one of your employees, Jahaira Gonzalez, in the Worcester office.

From the moment I walked into the office, Ms. Gonzalez was very professional, attentive and courteous. She addressed me right away and was very helpful and knowledgeable, answering all of the many questions that I had since I was unfamiliar with what services were offered and the process to go about applying for them. She gave me the necessary paperwork that I needed for the RAFT Program and informed me of which days I could come back to meet with a counselor and submit my application. I asked if there was a number I could call if I thought of any additional questions after I left and she gave me her business card and pointed out her direct number.

I returned two days later and the office was full of people waiting. Again, Ms. Gonzalez was quick to address me and ask if I had signed in and brought my paperwork with me, which I had, and then told me to take a seat while I waited to meet with a counselor. While I waited, I observed a very busy office full of people walking about and streaming in and out. Ms. Gonzales impressed me with how well she kept her composure with all that was going on. Both clients and counselors were surrounding her asking questions, the phone was ringing often and she answered everyone’s questions while also managing to answer the phone, make photocopies, and hand out more paperwork and business cards all in a timely manner. I was especially impressed when she answered the phone and was friendly and patient and took her time with each caller despite having a frenzy of people around her waiting for her assistance. She did a great job holding her composure under the chaotic circumstances and treated every client, whether in the office or on the phone, with total professionalism.

Today I called Ms. Gonzalez to follow-up on my application and got her voicemail which stated she would return all calls within 24-48 hours. I left a message hoping that I would indeed get a return call as often times you don’t these days, no matter where you are calling, and thinking that if I did, it probably would be much longer than 24-48 hours. She called me back 3 hours later. I wasn’t expecting that and I was surprised and impressed. I was thinking, “This girl is good!” It was then that I decided I needed to write this e-mail to acknowledge her exceptional skills as she is an incredible asset to your organization.

Before I became unemployed which is what lead me to RCAP Solutions in the first place, I worked as a legal assistant at a law firm in Worcester for over 16 years with 8 years in office environments prior to that. I know how difficult it is to maintain your composure while working under the pressure of a demanding job. It’s even more challenging to remain friendly and to give each client the time and attention that they deserve. Ms. Gonzales is outstanding in all regards and a very hard working employee. Her contributions to your organization deserve acknowledgement as she goes above and beyond for all the clients, as well as the staff. Someone like her is hard to find and you are very lucky to have her.

Best regards,
Jennifer M. Disley

Home Modification Loan Program Testimonial



More happy customers!

The following is a thank you note sent to Renée Perdicaro, RCAP Solutions Residential Loan Fund Manager from a family that recently received a Home Modification Loan.  This program provides financing to make modifications to the residences of disabled persons, enabling individuals to live independently and remain in their homes.

“We will never be able to thank your organization enough for the opportunity to modify our home. Nor can we thank you enough for all the work and time you personally put in yourself.  If it weren’t for you, I would not be able to be in my own home. Thank you Renée, for all you did and for putting up with the endless phone calls from us as well as from the contractor.  The contractor we used, JW Remodeling, was amazing.  The jobs were done to perfection and we had not a single grievance. With much gratitude, Tom and Karen Grimes”

For more information on our Home Modification Loan Fund Program, please visit our Home Modification Loan Page.