RCAP Solutions Partnering with Several Organizations to Expand RAFT Program Access

RCAP Solutions Partnering with Several Community-Based Organizations to Expand Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) Program Access to Individuals and Families Throughout Central Massachusetts

RCAP Solutions is proud to announce a partnership with Valuing Our Children, the Spanish American Center, and the Worcester Community Action Council, which expands access to the Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) program for individuals and families throughout Central Massachusetts.

RAFT is a financial assistance program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), which keeps struggling families safely housed. This program can provide eligible households with funding that can be used to help stay in current housing, obtain new housing, or otherwise avoid becoming homeless. Anyone who is struggling to pay their rent or who are at risk of being evicted are encouraged to apply for the program. Funds can be used for rent arrears, utility arrears, short-term rental stipend, security deposits, first and last month’s rent, and more.

Thanks to this new partnership, clients who are unable to access or complete an online application may now reach out to RCAP Solutions directly or Valuing Our Children, the Spanish American Center, and the Worcester Community Action Council to schedule an appointment to be guided through the application process via an in-person or virtual appointment. This service is only available to residents living in a community where RCAP Solutions administers the RAFT program (see our RAFT Service Area Map).

RCAP Solutions administers RAFT funds and provides application assistance to residents throughout Central Massachusetts, except for those living in the city of Worcester. Effective immediately, residents of the city of Worcester who apply for the RAFT program will have their application processed by the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance (CMHA). As a result, RCAP Solutions will not be able to provide application updates to any clients residing in Worcester. This includes clients who may have received application assistance from RCAP Solutions in the past. Clients residing in Worcester who are unable to complete the online application or need application assistance, must now contact CMHA.

In fiscal year 2022 alone, RCAP Solutions provided over $43 million in funding to assist several thousand families in need.

Those interested in applying should be prepared with the following documentation; an ID for the head of household, proof of current housing (for example, a lease), proof housing crisis (for example, a notice to quit or eviction letter), and proof of income (for example, paystubs).

For more information about the RAFT program, application requirements, this community partnership, and more, please visit: www.rcapsolutions.org/hcec-application/