💧 Asset Management for Small Water & Sewer Systems (NY)

This Asset Management workshop is designed to introduce board members and waste/water operators to the topic of asset management planning and how it can help small utilities make the most of limited resources. Asset management is a planning process to enable utilities to get the most value from assets such as pumps, tanks, treatment equipment and more, while budgeting financial resources to repair and replace assets when needed. In this workshop, participants are introduced to Asset Management using the EPA STEP Guide, a 5-step process for the development of an asset management plan: inventory, prioritize, develop, implement, and revise. Examples and worksheets for inventories, prioritizing, and budgeting are introduced for participants to use in their own communities.


At this IN-PERSON, hands-on course, participants will:

  • Review regulatory requirements and guidance to complete the required Lead Service Line Inventory
  • Gain experience recognizing lead, copper and galvanized service lines in the field
  • Practice 5th liter lead sampling techniques and troubleshooting calculations
  • Develop and use talking points to discuss lead with customers

This workshop is pending approval by NYSDOH for 4.25 contact hours for water operators. THIS WORKSHOP IS IN-PERSON!


At this IN-PERSON hands-on course, participants will:

  • Understand and calculate the 90th percentile for lead sampling results
  • Gain experience recognizing lead, copper and galvanized service lines in the field
  • Practice 5th liter lead sampling techniques and troubleshooting calculations
  • Develop and use talking points to discuss lead with customers
  • Evaluate collection sites and practice correct sampling techniques for total coliform bacteria

This workshop is pending approval by NYSDOH for 4.5 contact hours for water operators.

This one-of-a-kind workshop for small-system water operators involves both a required pre-workshop homework assignment and a half-day online interactive class. You must complete the homework to attend the class.

Math is an integral part of drinking water operations and is often one of the hardest topics to master. This course will review basic math concepts, tactics for solving problems, and provide practice applying the concepts to solve examples.

‘Twas Mid December at RCAP Solutions…

‘Twas Mid-December and all through the skies,
RCAP teams with care and wise.
In every office, staff worked with glee,
Offering essential aid, as busy as can be.

The needy many, deserving of cheer,
In this season of giving, their hopes draw near.
For when the demand rises, so great and so clear,
RCAP’s dedication shines, year after year.

In our Housing Consumer Education Center,
We make sure every client has a supportive mentor,
To assist in all aspects of home ownership and leasing,
In case you should see a problem increasing,
If a concern should arise, there’s lending or training,
Should you find your bank account suddenly draining.

With Subsidized Housing, we help pay the rent,
Offering programs for both landlord and tenant.
Everyone deserves a safe home and a bed,
Where each family member can rest their head.
We can also assist with housing mobility,
And case management for economic stability.

Our Housing for Seniors and the Mobility Impaired,
Offers features and services that can’t be compared.
Our professional staff is supportive and giving,
With countless services for independent living.
For those who reside in RCAP’s great care,
Our teams will provide for ALL who live there.

Our Environmental Crew work with communities to ensure,
The water that pours from the tap is pure.
From Maine to Pennsylvania, we offer technical assistance,
For those in rural regions, we’ll travel the distance.
Whether it’s wastewater, mapping, training, and more,
We’ll assess your infrastructure, and help settle the score.

The Caribbean Team helps the islands with pollution,
Teaching about recycling, and solid waste solutions.
We offer disaster planning, and prepare for the future,
Should climate change impact your region and need suture.
Financial assistance for septic or well repair,
We’re here for our communities, never despair!

Here in Massachusetts, we’re Advocating for Change,
For private well homeowners, who may need a range,
Of regulations for education, testing, and support,
Should their water tests come up short,
And need repair to keep families in good health,
For every resident, across the Commonwealth.

Our Administrative Staff provides support to our programs,
IT keeps us online, and safely protected from scams.
Finance cuts checks and keeps the books in balance,
HR supports the organization, hiring people with talents.
Marketing ensures the public is in the know,
And Development guarantees that funding won’t slow.

In the Northeast our influence spreads, far and wide in stride,
In Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, forever shall we reside.
Fostering community’s power, potential, a bond we unify,
In this commitment, our focus and unity lie.

Nurturing strength, resilience, and confidence, our gift to bestow,
Supporting individuals, families, communities, helping them grow.