Gone to the Birds Gala

On September 18, 2014, RCAP Solutions Celebrated its 45th Anniversary by going to the birds! Over 250 attendees, made up of artists, business professionals, RCAP Solutions supporters and Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce members participated in a birdhouse auction, hosted by Skinner Auctions. Over 100 works of art were auctioned, raising over $16,000. 100% of the proceeds will support housing and homelessness prevention programs for Worcester County families.

We thank the many generous sponsors, talented artists, and the staff and volunteers who donated their time and talents and helped to make this event a great success!

Photos by Andrea Seward, Habakkuk Media Services.


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45 Days ’till we’re Gone to the Birds!

45 days till Gala

It’s only 45 days until The Gone to the Birds Gala and Birdhouse Auction!

As we count down the days to our 45th Anniversary Celebration, we will provide you with RCAP trivia, testimonials and spotlight the artists that have contiributed to our exciting Birdhouse Auction, so please check in with us regularly…  It should be a fun-filled 45 days!

Visit www.rcapsolutions.org/gonetothebirds/ for more information about the Gala, artists, sponsors, tickets, etc.

It will be an event to remember!


RCAP Fact #1:

Last year, we serviced 10,210 families through rental assistance, homelessness prevention initiatives, self sufficiency programs and Housing Consumer Education Center services.

That’s almost 28 families per day!

Enterprise Bank sponsoring Gone to the Birds Gala

enterprise bankWe are so pleased to have Enterprise Bank as a major sponsor of our upcoming Gone to the Birds Gala and Birdhouse Auction! Pictured below are Donna Manuel, Assistant Vice President & Branch Relationship Manager and Ray LaFond, Sr. Vice President & Commercial Lending Manager presenting a check for $2,500 to Karen A. Koller, RCAP Solutions President & CEO.

We could not be more grateful for the generous sponsors who have generously made donations to our upcoming event.

For more information about the Gone to the Birds Gala and Birdhouse Auction, including sponsorship information, please visit https://www.rcapsolutions.org/gonetothebirds/

Gone to the Birds Art Preview “Joy”

We are so proud to present the very first birdhouse donated to the Gone to the Birds Gala and Art Auction!



“Joy” Created by Sheila Flathers, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Artist Statement:

“Last fall I found myself with some additional time on my hands. Now that I am retired, I found doing this project gave me somewhat of a new lease on life. I welcomed the time to spend doing what I love most; creating things to make others happy. I selected a church because my sister and I thought it would be unique.”

About the Artwork:

This gorgeous birdhouse is a replica of a small-town church, with amazing detail, right down to the stained glass windows.

“The roof is an old tin quilting pattern that my mother passed down to me. Most of the other materials used were things I had acquired in my many years of crafts and that had just been sitting around for years. The shingled steeple and columns were added by two of my friends (Jason and Jeff) at the local hardware store.”

Sheila is a retired Advertising Executive who spent time in Texas and Kansas before settling in Maine 11 years ago.

The Gone to the Birds Gala and Art Auction will be held on September 18, 2014 at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in celebration of RCAP Solutions 45th Anniversary.


If you are an artist – would you like to donate a birdhouse or bird-related artwork to the Gone to the Birds Gala?  It’s a fabulous opportunity for promotion, publicity and philanthropy. Your work will be auctioned by the world famous Skinner Auction House to support RCAP Solutions homelessness prevention initiatives in support of family programs in central Mass.  For more information on donating artwork to this exciting event, please click here.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available to fit every budget size.  For more information, please click here.

For more information about the Gone to the Birds Gala, please visit https://www.rcapsolutions.org/gonetothebirds/