It’s a Great Time to Clean Up Your Credit!

Upcoming Financial Wellness Workshops

As we push through the first few weeks of the new year you may find yourself recovering from the craziness of the holidays. Now is the time when you return to work, children return to school, and everything goes back to normal. However, you may be asking yourself, how am I going to manage my finances after spending money on all those gifts?! Well, we can help.

RCAP Solutions is hosting a three-part Financial Wellness workshop series starting this Wednesday, January 16. These workshops will cover several topics including financial planning and growth, credit scores, investing, life insurance plans, and much more. All of these workshops are free and are held at our Worcester office, 12 East Worcester Street, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Below is a list of all dates for all three workshops:

Credit 101: Improve Your Score!

Wed., January 16

Wed., April 10

Wed., July 10

Wed., October 9

Financial Growth: Increase Your Cash Flow!

Wed., February 13

Wed., May 8

Wed., August 7

Wed., November 6

Financial Planning: Envision Your Future!

Wed., March 13

Wed., June 5

Wed., September 11

Wed., December 4

The first workshop, Credit 101, will give you a better understanding about how to develop good credit, how to maintain credit, and how to use credit wisely. In the second workshop offered, Financial Growth, you will develop a personal spending plan, learn to track spending, and understand how to save toward increasing personal net worth. In, Financial Planning, the third and final workshop, you will take an in-depth look at investing in the future, create a personal plan to meet goals, and learn about purchasing a home, life insurance, or retirement plan.

Start the new year off with a good financial plan, if you or someone you know could benefit from these free workshops, we invite you to register by contacting

To view the flyer for these workshops click here.

RCAP Focused on Expanding Services

light_bulbBrian Scales, Chief Development & Governmental Affairs Officer

The Development Team is continuing to serve the mission of the organization by continuing to provide the assets necessary to continue to do our work. Currently we are working to increase revenues to expand our technical assistance in drinking and wastewater asset management, launch a geographic information system (GIS) mapping technical assistance program, compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, initiate trainings for private well owners, and increase our small business lending capacity.

Current highlights include:

•Providing financial assistance to over 400 homeless families (HomeBASE and RAFT) and case management services to an additional 145 homeless families per month living in temporary accommodations (Hotels).

•Providing technical assistance to 90 small communities to address their water and wastewater infrastructure needs.

•Helped small communities leverage over $1.2 million to lend to low income residents to repair failing septic systems.

•Made over 20 loans over the past 6 months to help disabled homeowners make modifications to their homes so that they can continue to live at home rather than in an institutional setting.

•Have applied to add additional programs and funds to our business lending portfolio.

Despite the restrictions and cuts experienced over domestic funding cuts, the organization continues to focus on the strategic goals of the organization. The Team will continue to work tirelessly to provide the support necessary so that the organization can continue working with communities and individuals.