250 New Likes on Facebook!

RCAP Solutions is participating in a Facebook Like Challenge, to gain 500 new page likes during the month of August.

We hit a milestone of 250 new likes, which brings us to the halfway point.

We have our work cut out for us though, as we need 250 more in the next 10 days!

For every “like” our Facebook page receives, $1 will be donated by our generous sponsor, Clinton Savings Bank.

If we meet our goal of reaching 500, our total will be matched by an anonymous donor, bringing us to $1,000!

Please visit https://www.facebook.com/RCAPSolutions and give our page a “like”.

Your one click will make a big difference for many! See below for more info on the work we do.

Thank you!

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RCAP Solutions helps people and communities find pathways to self-sufficiency and expanded economic opportunity. Some examples of who we help:

  • working families in danger of losing their homes
  • families transitioning from welfare to employment
  • domestic violence victims
  • families living in hotels and shelters
  • small communities needing assistance to provide safe drinking water to their residents
  • veterans in need of housing
  • small businesses with poor credit
  • families needing to make home improvements to help a disabled family member remain with their family
  • elderly and disabled individuals in need of supportive housing and services
  • young individuals and children in need of housing
  • first time homebuyers with poor credit
  • rural communities in need of funding to make vital infrastructure repairs
  • Individuals and families with disabilities