Property Development

Since its inception in 1969, RCAP Solutions has sought to provide affordable housing opportunities to families and individuals in rural areas.  Our history includes many innovative housing models that used “green” building techniques before “green”was fashionable.  Our berm and passive solar self-help homes are scattered about the north central Massachusetts hillsides and still provide quality housing to families many years later.  Some of our early multifamily development projects included partnering with federal and state resources, which has now become standard housing development practice.

Since the early 1980’s RCAP Solutions has been working with central Massachusetts municipalities by using an all-inclusive approach, working with legislators, community leaders, construction professionals and a variety of funding sources to assist with their housing needs.  These projects have resulted in the creation of high quality and affordable homes for individuals, families, seniors and the disabled.

Our most recent project, Townsend Woods, located in Townsend, Massachusetts, is the first federally funded project of its kind in the Commonwealth to receive Silver Level LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, in recognition for its environmental design. Townsend Woods is also Energy Star Certified.

Our Real Estate Development program is a win-win program for RCAP Solutions and communities.  It allows RCAP to meet its mission and help sustain the organization as a whole, provides local communities an asset to be proud of, and most importantly offers an affordable and supportive housing option for our seniors.

For more information, please contact RCAP Solutions at 978-630-6600.