Moving to Work- Self Sufficiency

Since its inception in 1999, RCAP Solutions Moving to Work Program (MTW) has successfully helped hundreds of families reduce their need for public assistance and achieve vibrant self-sufficiency.

MTW is unique because of its intensive, individual approach to supporting the entire family and not just the head of household. During their five-year program period, participants work individually with a case-manager to set and pursue goals related to education, job training, money management, childcare and transportation. A key component of the MTW Program is accumulating funds in an interest-earning escrow or savings account as the participant’s earned income increases. Families receive the funds after they successfully complete the program. Interim disbursements from the escrow account can be received for service plan related costs and needs such as education expenses. Upon graduation from the program, money accumulated in the escrow account can be used to purchase homes, start small businesses, pay off debts, and finance higher education for themselves and their children.

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