Community Surveys

Community Needs Assessment

Is your community planning a major capital infrastructure investment project?  Whether it be water, wastewater, parks and recreation, local transportation, economic development or housing; a community needs assessment, completed early in the project planning phase, provides a critical baseline of data for later comparison against project outcomes or phased implementation of your comprehensive or strategic plan.  The inclusion of a needs assessment study in your state and/or federal funding application can greatly enhance your community’s chance for an award, as it assists in the justification of the need for external funding sources.

Income Surveys

Income surveys can assist your community in qualifying for federal and state funding through grants or low interest loans, designed to help low income communities address a wide range of community development needs.  As part of a funding application an income survey is often required as proof that a community is eligible for specific programs.  Income surveys assist in the justification that on its own, your community cannot make the necessary infrastructure upgrades simply because the users would not be able to afford the rate increase that would be required for the improvements if the money was borrowed at market interest rates.


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