Health Foundation of Central Mass Grant Allows RCAP to Assist Rural Communities With Septic Repairs

UntitledLast year, RCAP Solutions received a $56,000 grant from The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, which allowed allow the organization to provide no-cost technical assistance to several local communities.

RCAP Solutions has completed work to develop and implement Community Septic Management Plans in the communities of Groton, Hardwick, Harvard, Orange and Westminster. These plans help towns manage their community’s septic needs in a comprehensive way and gives the town a guide to loaning out the funds to the areas which will have the most beneficial impact from an environmental prospective, resulting in vastly improved local capacity and providing homeowners with a sustainable solution to their failing septic systems.

Community Septic Management Plans help municipalities ensure they have sanitary wastewater disposal and safe and sustainable drinking water. Across Massachusetts, failing septic systems and cesspools are a leading cause of contaminated drinking water and polluted streams and swimming areas. In Worcester County, it is estimated that approximately 280,000 people live in communities that depend on septic systems for their sewage disposal.

These Municipalities now have funds approved through the Water Pollution Abatement Trust, and are eligible for $300,000 or more in no-interest funds allowing communities to lend funds to homeowners, making it possible for families to make badly needed repairs to their septic systems.

RCAP Solutions works with each town develop a way to administer their loan program at the local level. Communities are given the necessary tools and technical assistance to start their programs at the local level, which includes needed documents and public notification tools. Our Technical Assistance also ensures their local programs will run smoothly and continue under our federal grants.

RCAP Solutions plans to expand this program to include additional municipalities in Central Massachusetts. For more information about RCAP Solutions and how Community Septic Programs can be developed to meet your community’s needs, town officials should contact James Starbard, Program Resource Specialist at (978) 502-0227 or email