EPA Tools

The most direct oversight of environmental systems is conducted by state drinking water and wastewater programs. States can apply to US EPA for primacy, the authority to implement the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) within their jurisdictions if they will adopt standards at least as or more stringent then US EPA’s. For specific state requirements, applications, permits, and forms – you should refer to your state primacy agency. US EPA makes available a numbers of tools and resources that may be helpful to your community education initiative.

Operator Certification

Solid Waste

Small Systems Information and Guidance

Drinking Water – Ground and Drinking Water

Water Security

Online Training in Watershed Management

Energy Efficiency – EnergyStar

Energy Efficiency – Portfolio Manager Tool

Environmental Justice – Basics

Environmental Justice – Resources

State Specific Regulatory Information

Teachers and Kids

Energy Efficiency

Water Sense

Surf Your Watershed

Envirofacts Multisystem Search

Visit www.epa.gov for additional information.