Education & Training- Individual and Family Resources

RCAP Solutions’ Housing Consumer Education Center offers many free workshops and trainings designed to support and educate tenants, potential homebuyers and homeowners on purchasing and maintaining a home. They include:

First-Time Homebuyer Certification: Attendees will learn the steps in the home buying process, how to develop a personal home buying team, how to become financially prepared and will receive Homebuyer Certification when completed. Cost: $100

  • To register for our upcoming in-person Homebuyer Education Courses, click here.
  • To register for the online Homebuyer Education Course through eHome America, visit Use coupon code “RCAP” for $25 off!

HomeSafe Post-Purchase Homeownership Counseling: Our Housing Counselors continue to provide support to new home owners and existing home owners. The challenges of home ownership continue after the closing. Through our counseling and workshop session, home owners will learn about mortgage sustainability, options and when to re-finance, foreclosure prevention, etc.

Tenant Rights & Responsibilities: Learn from a professional housing counselor how the law protects you as a tenant, different types of tenancies, safe housing code and repair, options available if you are facing eviction and tenants in foreclosure proceedings.

Landlord Training: How to Be a Good Landlord: In this comprehensive training you will gain a deeper knowledge of what owning and operating a rental property entails. This training and certification also satisfies the requirements that many lenders require for multi-family home loans and down payment assistance programs.

Financial CapabilityAre you in debt?  Do you need help managing your finances?  Our three step program includes improving your credit score, increasing cash flow and financial planning. Gain the tools to manage your finances wisely and become financially successful!

Space at workshops may be limited and registration is required. For a list of upcoming events, click the link below or contact us at or call our HCEC line at: 978.630.6772

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RCAP Solutions is an organization that has adopted The National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling, a set of guidelines for quality homeownership and counseling services. Industry professionals who adopt these standards can be trusted to provide consistent, high quality advice. For more information, please visit

RCAP Solutions has also been certified with The Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative Seal of Approval to recognize Massachusetts homebuyer counseling agencies that meet or exceed a minimum standard in providing effective pre-purchase, group homebuyer counseling and education to low and moderate income, first-time homebuyers. The Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative is an initiative managed by CHAPA that supports and promotes homebuyer education. For more information, please visit