Consulting & Professional Planning

RCAP Solutions assists with community and regional planning for:

  • Housing
  • Public Works and Safety
  •  Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  •  Economic Development and Revitalization
  •  Emergency Preparedness

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

RCAP Solutions, Inc. is continually engaged in helping communities and regions with the installation and/or improvement of drinking water, wastewater, solid waste management and environmental protection infrastructure with:

  • Watershed Management and Protection
  •  Water and Wastewater Facilities Development
  •  Solid Waste and Brownfield’s Management
  •  Asset Management
  •  Compliance Oversight

Project & Systems Management

We provide high-quality project oversight and facilities management to improve efficiency, contain costs and ensure positive outcomes by:

  • Development and Financial Oversight
  •  Management and Operations
  •  Project Specific Training
  •  Regulatory Oversight

For more information, please contact Jenna Day, Deputy Director of Community Resources: 508-599-0254, email: