Community Resources Staff

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Jenna Day
Director of Community & Environmental Resources

Ms. Day joined RCAP Solutions in 2018 as the Community Development Specialist for New England. She previously served as the Director of the Housing Consumer Education Center at the Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority. She brings with her a diverse skillset, including building individual and community capacity, as well as supporting the progress and sustainability of rural communities. Her experience as Town Coordinator in Heath, MA and her long-term role on the local Heath Board of Health provides critical financial and managerial expertise, including extensive budgeting experience. As a former Head Custodian for the Mohawk Trail Regional School District, Ms. Day’s experience also includes the operation of a non-transient, non-community water system, and a clear understanding of the dynamics of small systems and the importance of training to ensure success. Prior to her promotion to Director of Community Resources, she was the New England Community Development Specialist. She brings extensive experience in water and wastewater, and a passion for overall holistic community development and capacity building. Education: B.A. in Environmental Education, Goddard College. Professional Certifications: Very Small Systems Water Operator License, MA.

Mark JohnsonMark Johnson
Deputy Director of Community & Environmental Resources

Mr. Johnson joined RCAP Solutions in 2015. He has over 20 years of experience in the drinking water profession. Prior to joining RCAP, he worked as a water quality engineer at a large, investor-owned water utility in California and before that as a water operator for a small municipal utility in Maine. Mark currently works with rural communities in Vermont on water and wastewater issues and manages RCAP Solutions’ EPA-funded Private Well Program. Professional Licenses: Certified in drinking water distribution and treatment as well as cross-control and backflow prevention. Education: B.S. in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston.

Candace Balmer
State Manager, NY

Ms. Balmer has been with RCAP Solutions for 23 years, assisting small, rural communities to plan, fund, implement and maintain community water and wastewater projects. She is a skilled technical educator and trainer. Previously, she held the position of Associate Director, Pollution Abatement Technology Program, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York, and of Project Engineer, Environmental Resources Management, Inc., Exton, Pennsylvania. Education: A.A.S. in Water Quality Monitoring; B.A. in Anthropology; M.S. in Environmental Engineering.

Adam Bourque
GIS Specialist

Mr. Bourque joined RCAP Solutions in 2022 after spending over 3 years as a GIS Community Specialist for RCAP in Kentucky. Adam brings a unique skillset that specializes in creating customized GIS solutions and training focused on rural water and wastewater operations. While at RCAP in Kentucky, Adam’s GIS technical assistance focused on water, wastewater, recycling, and opioid and substance abuse mapping. Adam is also involved in grant writing, graphic design, and photography. Education: B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a minor in GIS from the University of Kentucky.


Juan Campos Collazo
Community Specialist

Mr. Campos joined RCAP Solutions in 2002 with 14 years of experience providing technical assistance to small communities as a PR Department of Health Regional Coordinator. Mr. Campos is also a Certified Water Operator and actively trains prospective operators in Puerto Rico. Advisory Boards and Task Forces: Active Member of the Puerto Rico Engineers and Surveyors College. Education: B.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Sanitary Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Professional Certifications: Level IV Drinking and Wastewater Plant Operator, Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and Security Enhancements for Water Utilities, Vulnerability Assessments for Water Utilities, Conducting a Sanitary Survey of Small Water Systems, Certified Check Up for Small Systems Trainer (CUPSS).

Matt Cassedy
State Manager, CT

Mr. Cassedy joined RCAP Solutions in early 2018. He has 18 years of experience in water operations including extensive small systems training and technical assistance as well as in the role of a contract operator for dozens of small industrial water systems. Education: B.A. Social Sciences, Western Connecticut State University. Professional Certifications: Certificate in Utility Management, Level II certification in Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution, as well as cross connection surveys and backflow inspection in CT.

Lili Dagle
Project Assistant

Ms. Dagle joined the RCAP Solutions team in February 2021. She brings four decades of administrative experience, program coordination, and organizational excellence to her position. Her background in project management and drive towards success makes her a vital asset to the RCAP Solutions team. Education: Paralegal Certificate from Assumption College, Worcester, MA; Executive Secretary Certificate from Burdett School, Boston, MA.



Danielle Desmarais
Community Specialist

Ms. Desmarais joined RCAP Solutions in September 2021. She brings a decade of environmental experience working in a variety of positions including laboratory work, research and analysis, water systems, and quality control to the organization. She has experience in marketing and managing projects, and her enthusiasm for ensuring individuals have access to safe, clean water makes her a valuable asset to the Private Well Program. Education: M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy, Clark University, Worcester, MA; B.A. in Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology, Syracuse, NY. Professional Certifications: Cross Connection Control Surveyor; Water Treatment I, Process Optimization; Watershed Management Training Certificate.

Andrew Evans
Community Specialist

Mr. Evans joined RCAP Solutions in May 2021. His background is in natural science, geology, and hydrology. He has extensive experience in the wastewater sector and previously worked as the pretreatment coordinator and laboratory director a sewage treatment plant in Western Massachusetts. Mr. Evans has extensive experience maintaining compliance, performing inspections, and biologically and chemically treating wastes. His extensive knowledge of both state and federal environmental laws makes him a valuable asset to the small, rural communities he serves. Education: B.S. in Natural Science & Minor in Geology, Northern Vermont University. Professional Certifications: Grade 7-C MA Wastewater License, Class 2 MA Wastewater Lab Certification, & MA Certification in Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution

Wade Hanson
Community Specialist

Mr. Hanson joined RCAP Solutions in 2022. His experience includes over two decades of planning, development, and community involvement within the state of Maine. He brings both community and economic development knowledge which includes Tribal administration and planning. Mr. Hanson’s extensive background also includes real estate brokerage and code enforcement. Education: Liberal Studies, University of Maine, Orono, ME; Civil Engineering Tech, University of Maine, Orono, ME. Certifications: Local Plumbing Inspector, Building Standards, Shoreland Zoning, Land Use Law.

Dan Harris
Community Specialist

Dan joins RCAP Solutions with a diverse array of professional experience, including environmental consulting in soil and groundwater remediation, air and stormwater monitoring, and geotechnical investigations. Dan worked as an adjunct professor, teaching courses in Soil Science, Geology, and Sustainability, and served as a primary licensed drinking water operator for several small community water systems in western Massachusetts. Mr. Harris lives in a rural mountain town in the Berkshires, where he is Chair of the local Conservation Commission and practices small-scale agroecology. Dan believes that strong advocacy is vital to addressing the issues unique to rural populations, and this defines and informs his approach to collaborating with RCAP’s community partners. Dan holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, an M.S. in Soil Science from UMass-Amherst, and D1/T1 drinking water licenses.

John Kiernan
State Manager, VT

Mr. Kiernan joined RCAP Solutions in December 2021, bringing three decades of engineering and utility system management experience. He has been involved in every aspect of infrastructure projects, including asset management, capital improvement planning, design, permitting, construction administration, and development of funding strategies.  John has also performed process evaluations and pilot testing for optimizing water and wastewater treatment processes.  His efforts in developing and managing municipal water and wastewater projects will be an asset as he takes on his role as the Vermont State Lead. Education: Bachelor of Engineering – Chemical Engineering, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, New York; Master of Engineering – Environmental Engineering, Manhattan College, Bronx, New York. Certifications: Registered Professional Engineer, Environmental Engineering (VT, NY)

Seth Loht
GIS Manager

Mr. Loht joined RCAP Solutions in 2015 and works on a variety of specialized mapping projects and provides overall team support for GIS work to the field staff. Prior to this he worked as a GIS mapping and data management specialist for 13 years including working for the US Navy computerized mission support and modeling for US Navy submarine forces. Mr. Loht also worked as a GIS and GPS Specialist for engineering firms that provide infrastructure mapping services to communities of all sizes. Education: B.S. in Geography, Penn State University; M.S. in GIS, Arizona State University.

Wanda Rios Martinez
Community Specialist

Ms. Martinez joined RCAP Solutions in July 2018. Her background is in drinking water and wastewater operations and environmental compliance. She worked for Puerto Rico’s Aqueduct and Sewer Authority in serval roles for over seven years prior to relocating to Pennsylvania where she worked for the City of York as a Shift Supervisor. She also has extensive laboratory as well as supervisory experience. Education: M.S. in Environmental Management, Metropolitan University; B.S in Biology, University of Puerto Rico. Professional Certifications: Pennsylvania Class A-1 water and wastewater operations.

Martin Mistretta
Community Specialist

Mr. Mistretta joined RCAP Solutions in March 2019. He brings more than 30 years of experience in the hazardous waste site remediation field, including operation and maintenance of treatment systems, environmental monitoring and data collection, subcontractor and construction oversight, excavations oversight, landfill operation, maintenance and monitoring, groundwater, surface water and sediment sampling, health and safety oversight, environmental data analysis and reporting, and regulatory compliance. He has served in a variety of management roles of field work at numerous contaminated sites, as well as supervising a variety of personnel, teams, and projects. He has managed public water system operations, consulting for small community public water systems including technical assistance, operation and maintenance, system upgrades and regulatory compliance. Mr. Mistretta’s expertise will make a difference in New Hampshire communities that need vital assistance with their water systems. Education: Environmental Technologies Certificate, University of Massachusetts Lowell. Professional Certifications: NH Water Treatment Plant Operator License-Grade 2, NH Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator License-Grade 3, MA Wastewater/Industrial Treatment Plant Operator License-Grade 5C, NH Hazardous Waste Coordinator Certification.

Carmen Montañez-Velázquez
Community Specialist

Ms. Montañez-Velázquez joined RCAP Solutions in April 2022. She brings over 15 years of experience working at the Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Sewer Authority (PRASA) as a plant operator, compliance specialist, and environmental compliance official. She offers progressive knowledge in water filtration processes; wastewater treatment; health, safety and environmental protection programs; compliance with the provisions of regulatory agencies; and training in a world-class pharmaceutical organization. Ms. Montañez-Velázquez’s vast expertise will support rural communities needing assistance with their drinking water and wastewater systems. Education: M.S.E.M., Metropolitan University, San Juan, Puerto Rico; B.S., University of Puerto Rico, Cayey, PR. Professional Certifications: Potable Water and Wastewater Plant Operator, Category IV; Train the Trainers; Health & Safety in Water Treatment Plants; Risk Management Plan & Process Safety Management; Safe Management of Chlorine and Respiratory Protection; Process Control System of Filtration Plants & Sludge Treatment Systems.

Rebekah Novak
Community Specialist

Ms. Novak joined RCAP Solutions in May 2019. She brings over 10 years of experience in both the public and private sector in engineering, wastewater operations, construction, and technical assistance. Her background includes reviewing and approving permit applications, GIS mapping, inspecting construction projects and commercial systems, equipment maintenance, recording data, performing on-site lab work, field sampling, and system maintenance for commercial wastewater treatment systems. She has experience working with a variety of departments, committees, agencies, contractors and the general public. Ms. Novak’s expertise will make a difference in communities that need vital assistance with their drinking water and wastewater systems. Education: B.A. Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Professional Certifications: E.I.T. Certified, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Grade 5-C, Wastewater Collection Systems Operator Grade 4, Soil Evaluator, Wastewater Laboratory Analyst.

Nina Odunlami
Community Specialist

Ms. Odunlami joined RCAP Solutions in January of 2022. Coming from a background in both Environmental Engineering and Biological Sciences, she brings almost a decade of experience in environmentally related planning, research, and experimentation with a focus on water monitoring. Her experience acquired in both positions of Environmental Specialist and Project Scientist have raised her knowledge of conducting experiments and collecting samples as well as test methods and data analysis and are a monumental asset in her role of NJ Environmental Specialist at RCAP Solutions. Education: Bachelors of Science – Environmental Science with an Applied Environmental Science Option (Concentration in Pollution Science), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; Master of Science – Environmental Engineering and Science, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, Elkridge, MD Affiliations: National Groundwater Association Member, Solid Waste Association of North America – New Jersey Chapter Member Certifications: HAZWOPER (OSHA CFR 1910.120)

Felix Ramos
Community Specialist

Mr. Ramos joined RCAP Solutions in October 2021 with 6 years of experience focusing on the health and safety of clients, including access to rehabilitation and medical necessities, inspecting water quality, conducting surveys, and building databases for accurate and vital record keeping. He started his career as a Wellness Program Manager with Medtronic where he evaluated and facilitated prescribed exercise and rehabilitation techniques. After which he took the position of Environmental Protection Specialist with the Puerto Rico Department of Health. In this position, he was instrumental in the ongoing testing and upkeep of water quality in multiple municipalities as well as constant improvements made for emergency response protocols and development of public educative materials. This work led him to his next position of Environmental Health Program Regional Director where he managed 25 employees in 3 offices to continue his phenomenal work in the Drinking Water division, Food Code in the Food Hygiene Division, and the FDA PMO in the Dairy Hygiene Division. While completing his M.P.H. he took an internship at the Environmental Protection Agency where he created databases, wrote permits for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and public meeting announcements for publishing in major newspapers. His significant efforts in the environmental health and health sciences will be an asset in his role as Water Specialist for Puerto Rico. Education: B.S. in Health Sciences, University of Puerto Rico, Ponce, Puerto Rico; M.P.H. in Environmental Health, Ponce Health Sciences University

Purna Rao
Community Specialist

Mr. Rao joined RCAP Solutions in 2021 bringing with him over 34 years of Environmental Engineering and over 22 years of Environmental Database Management experience. Within his Environmental Engineering experience, he was a key contributor to Environmental Protection programs like Drinking Water, Solid Waste Management, and Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA). He has been part of the groups awarded and honored on numerous occasions most recently being the United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Merit Award in September 2021, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Citation for Outstanding Performance Award in November 2020. Education: B.S. APAU, Hyderabad, India; M.S. Environmental, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. Affiliations: National Society of Professional Engineers, Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers, Licensed Site Professionals Association, Massachusetts Water Works Association, New England Water Works Association. Certifications: EIT Certification, FEMA Certification – Incident Command System ICS-100, National Incident Management System IS-700, Massachusetts Drinking Water Operator OIT T1 and D1.

Catherine Rees
Community Specialist

Ms. Rees has been with RCAP Solutions for over ten years. Related experience includes Senior Sanitarian at the regional office of the NYS Department of Health. She has extensive experience providing training, technical assistance, resources and capacity building to small water and wastewater systems. Education: M.S. in Environmental Health, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh; B.S. in Environmental Sciences, University of Pittsburgh.


Ariel Rosa-Otero
Community Specialist

Mr. Rosa-Otero joined RCAP Solutions in 2019. He brings 30 years of experience working for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA), which owns and operates the island-wide public water and wastewater systems, serving the majority of Puerto Rico’s population. During his tenure, Mr. Rosa-Otero has served in a variety of roles at PRASA including: Compliance Manager, responsible for ensuring plants were implementing appropriate drinking water standards and procedures; Environmental Emergencies Responder, supervising the cleaning and disposal of both hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals; Support Team Member, providing support to rural communities; and Research and Development Manager, identifying technologies, equipment, products and procedures to help improve processes and treatment of drinking water and wastewater plants. He brings both the experience and knowledge to improve and maintain the quality of drinking water from the source to the public, and the ability to assist communities with both federal and local laws and regulations. Education: B.A. in Chemical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico. Professional Certifications: Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Category IV, Drinking Water Treatment Plant Operator Category IV.

Brian Scadova-Vose
Community Specialist

Mr. Scadova-Vose joined RCAP Solutions in 2023. He has a proven track record of providing quality technical assistance to small water and wastewater systems, ensuring they meet compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Mr. Scadova-Vose also has substantial experience with GIS mapping, creating high-quality cartographic products, including hard-copy maps, cloud-based GIS applications, aerial imaging, and spatial analyses. He has trained operators and boards on a myriad of topics related to compliance and technical, managerial, and financial subjects. Among his many professional activities, Mr. Scadova-Vose is an active NEWEA (New England Water Environment Association) Asset Management Committee Member. Licenses: Certified Water Operator, Grade 1 Distribution & Treatment. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from Keene State College.

Becky Sims
Community Specialist

Ms. Sims joined RCAP Solutions in 2023. Her experience includes working for New York municipalities as a Public Health Sanitarian and as an elected Councilperson. She has extensive experience ensuring regulatory compliance for water and wastewater systems, including onsite septic systems. Ms. Sims has also had success leveraging funds in the form of grants for environmental improvement projects. She has worked in the field training volunteers and sampling groundwater to develop a database of “pre-fracking” data and is the co-author of a peer-reviewed publication in the Journal “New Solutions”. Education: Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Anna Maria College and Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from Ithaca College.


Sukhwindar P. Singh
State Manager, PA

Ms. Singh provides leadership and oversight to the RCAP Solutions Technical Assistance Providers that work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She also provides direct onsite technical assistance to communities. Ms. Singh joined RCAP Solutions in October 1994 after working as a Training Specialist with the National Environmental Training Center for Small Communities at West Virginia University. She brings a total of 26 years of technical and training experience with small and rural low-income communities throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Expertise: Education and Training, needs assessment of local officials/small system boards, curriculum development & design for community leaders and operators, budgeting & finance, organic chemistry, federal reporting, income surveys. Education: B.A. in Chemistry, West Virginia University; M.S. in Organic Chemistry, University of Toledo. Postgraduate Education & Training: Curriculum development & design for adults, secondary science education, chemical education, environmental education, solid waste management & engineering, West Virginia University. Professional Certifications: Class 1-S Certified Wastewater Package Plant/Pond & Sand Filter Operator; Solid Waste Operator & Compost Operator, Certified Asset Management Associate Professional, Certified Check Up for Small Systems Trainer (CUPSS).


James P. Starbard
Regional Director (MA/CT/RI)

Mr. Starbard joined RCAP Solutions in 2009. He has 8 years’ prior experience as a licensed sanitarian with duties including approval and inspection of septic system repairs and installations, plan review, soil evaluation, percolation testing, field inspections, system oversight, well plan approval and inspection including water quality testing, inspection and enforcement of MA State Sanitary Code and other applicable regulations. Education: B.S. in Health Science, Worcester State University; Master of Occupational and Environmental Health, Anna Maria College. Professional Certifications: Certified Health Officer, Healthy Homes Specialist, Drinking Water Operators License Grade VSS, Registered Sanitarian, Licensed Soil Evaluator, Licensed Title 5 System Inspector, Licensed Code Enforcement Lead Determinator Inspector, Very Small Systems Water Operator License. Professional Affiliations: Massachusetts Environmental Health Association.

Laurie Stevens
Regional Director (ME/VT/NH)

Ms. Stevens joined RCAP Solutions in March 2019. She brings 20 years of experience in both the public and private sector in engineering, environmental and community development fields. She has served in several high-level management roles ranging from engineering, design, compliance and financial management of water and wastewater systems to real estate management. She has supervised planning, zoning, and engineering departments, overseen operations of public water systems and wastewater treatment facilities, and managed environmental projects from concept to construction. Education: M.S. Environmental Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; B.S. in Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Professional Certifications: Registered Professional Engineer NH & MA, Drinking Water Operator—Distribution 1, MA, Drinking Water Operator—Treatment 1, MA, NASSCO Certifications—National Association of Sewer Service Companies, PACP—Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program, MACP—Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program, LACP—Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program. Professional Affiliations: American Society of Civil Engineers, American Water Works Association, New England Water Works Association.

Erick Toledo
State Manager, NH

Mr. Toledo has more than 15 years’ experience working in water, wastewater, and solid waste management both internationally and nationally. Mr. Toledo worked as a Rural Community Development Specialist for RCAC in Colorado. In that role he conducted water and wastewater rate analyses, provided on-site technical assistance and training, identified funding sources and assisted systems with applications, developed source water protection plans, assured compliance and implemented consolidation projects with public water utility officers and their surrounding communities, some of which were funded by HHS/OSC. Mr. Toledo also worked as a Program Manager at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) and a Program Coordinator of the Clean Water Initiative, where he oversaw international WASH programs in multiple countries in Latin America. His work includes curriculum and database systems development, monitoring and evaluation programs and the organization of emergency response efforts to reestablish water service. Education: M.S. in Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology, University of Maryland; B.S. in Engineering & Natural Resources Management, Universidad de San Carlos Guatemala. Professional Certifications: Certified Check Up for Small Systems Trainer (CUPSS), NH Wastewater treatment Facility Operator 1-OIT, AWWA Water Treatment Operator, Level 1.


Josefa Torres-Olivo
Regional Director (PR/USVI)

Since 1995, Ms. Torres has been providing training and technical assistance in Puerto Rico for RCAP Solutions. Previously, she had 10 years of experience implementing drinking water regulations for the Puerto Rico Public Water Supply by working with the PR Department of Health as a Regional Engineer, and director of the Non-PRASA Section of the Drinking Water Program. Through a past contract with the PR Department of Health, Ms. Torres also oversaw the implementation of Drinking Water Sanitary Surveys for small systems outside of the central water authority’s oversight. Education: B.S. in Civil Engineering, Specialization in Environmental & Sanitary Engineering, Polytechnic University of PR. Professional Certifications: Licensed Engineer, Member of the Puerto Rico Engineers and Surveyors College, Licensed Level IV Water and Wastewater Operator.

EdwinVazquezEdwin Vázquez-Asencio
Sustainable Materials Management Specialist

Mr. Vazquez joined RCAP Solutions in 2014 as our Sustainable Materials Management Specialist working in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Puerto Rico. Mr. Vazquez educated communities to organize clean ups of illegal dump sites and to develop municipal and school-based recycling programs as well as community education and outreach activities. He has over 10 years of community education and training experience. Education: B.S. in Business Administration & Concentration in Marketing, University of Puerto Rico; M.BA. from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He also has formal education in Biology and Ecology from the University of Puerto Rico. Professional Certifications: Potable Water Treatment Plant Operator, Level II, a Certified Recycling Promoter and is a Regional Leader of the Educational Committee of the Puerto Rico Partnership.

Carlos Velázquez-Figueroa
Wastewater Manager

Mr. Velazquez-Figueroa joined RCAP Solutions in 2017. With more than 37 years of experience in the environmental field, including operation and maintenance of drinking water, sanitary and industrial treatment plants, solid waste projects, environmental surveys, and asbestos projects. Additionally, he has experience in management and supervision, and has strong communications skills in English and Spanish. Previously he was a Project Manager/Director of Sales & Marketing at ETAG Corporation where he worked with small drinking water systems in Puerto Rico. He has over 30 years of experience in the development and delivery of water and wastewater training. Education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Campus. Professional Certifications: Level IV certified Drinking Water and Wastewater Plant Operator.

Madison Wellman
Business Opportunity Specialist

Mr. Wellman joined RCAP Solutions in September 2021. His background includes economic development, nonprofit management, sales, research, and constituent outreach. He has experience working in the political arena, as well as with small business startups, technology, and development, which provides him with a vast understanding of diverse business and community challenges. Education: B.S. in International Business and Economics, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY