Community Resources Program Update, Fall 2015

Scott Mueller, Chief Rural Affairs Officer & Director of Community Resources, RCAP Solutionswater-conserve

Perhaps one of the most important activities and investments a community can make is providing safe, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure for its residents.  In fact for many rural communities a water system or wastewater system can be the single most expensive investment it makes for itself.  Along with these also are affordable housing, electricity, safe transportation routes, and telecommunication opportunities.  In this day and age many communities are looking at all of these as basics for community life and economic betterment.  Without water and wastewater disposal two of the critical elements necessary for a safe and clean community life needed to prosper are missing and due for some challenges.  Can you imagine living in a location where there was no drinking water?

All these activities require proper planning and a critical understanding of the system to insure that they not only operate correctly but also provide the intended opportunity and or sustainment of a healthy environment.  With the availability of water in many of our states coming into question those that do have access to clean water it is becoming more and more, perhaps, one of the most important resources a community has.  And they are looking to protect it along with finding ways to sustain its availability and quality.

RCAP Solutions has been a long standing leader towards this end in providing such counseling and technical assistance to rural communities across our region which covers 9 north eastern states and 2 territories [ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY, PA, NJ Puerto Rico and USVI].  Our experienced staff which is located in each state focuses on assisting those small rural communities in need trying to promote their locality and provide a safe environment to live.  Whether it be working with a specific community issue or developing a new infrastructure system they have the experience to assist you with your effort.  Most always these are challenging efforts which cost significant dollars and there is an ever growing maze of regulation and process that needs to be navigated.  We can help.

This year we are pleased to say we have funding available to assist eligible communities.  Whether it be direct technical assistance, or training provided to you or your project team, we would enjoy hearing from you and seeing how we may assist.  In those cases where communities are not eligible for assistance under our federal and state funding guidelines, we also offer an affordable approach to gaining this assistance and are more than happy to discuss your needs.

We wish every community the best in the upcoming year and to find out more about our services please contact Scott Mueller, Director of Community Services and Chief Rural affairs officer at 315-482-2756 or email