Asset Management

In order to best assess a community’s needs, RCAP Solutions performs comprehensive surveys, data collection and analysis on the water and/or wastewater equipment and infrastructure.  The data collected is used to project funding needs and sources; information that is necessary and often times required, when applying for a grant or a loan.

Asset Management analysis includes:

  •  Comprehensive Inventory of the System
  •  Mapping and Site Studies
  •  Needs and Vulnerability Assessments
  •  Rate and Cost Estimating
  •  Capital Improvement Planning
  •  Funding Acquisition

Asset Management activities assist in minimizing the need for emergency shutdowns of a system due to equipment failure.  RCAP Solutions can provide the tools and training a community/system needs to manage their facilities and avoid costly shutdowns and emergency repairs.

More information on Asset Management can be found on EPA’s website, here.

For more information, please contact Jenna Day, Deputy Director of Community Resources: 508-599-0254, email: