And The Winner Is…

August Fun

Damarya Kumah Humphries

Congratulations to Damarya Kumah Humphries who won $9.11 today!

In anticipation of a large number of clients during the month of August, with the start of the RAFT Program (Residential Assistance for Families in Transition) a “guess how many” game was set up at the front desk of both the Gardner and Worcester offices.

Clients could guess how many jelly beans, gumballs and pennies were in ball jars at the reception area. The person who had the closest guess  won the jar.

Out of 500 participants, she came the closest to guessing that there were 911 pennies in the jar.

When asked what she will do with the money, she said that she is not going to cash it, she’s going to save it!  Smart girl!