RCAP Solutions administers programs for families and individuals, communities, small businesses and affordable housing real estate management and development services.  Far from being a passive administrator of publicly funded programs, RCAP is committed to taking a leadership role in ensuring that all families and individuals have a safe and affordable place to live, have access to meaningful employment resulting in self-sufficiency, and that our low income communities have the capacity and infrastructure to meet the health, safety and welfare needs of society.  RCAP not only pursues this commitment in programmatic ways, but is also committed to advocacy and thought leadership at the corporate level.

For this reason, on behalf of our constituents, RCAP Solutions works with numerous partners and government agencies to advance the causes of concern to our constituents.  In this regard, RCAP Solutions works to educate legislators and regulators, engage in public dialog on important public policy issues relevant to our constituents, and works with community leaders to give a local and regional voice to regulatory and legislative activities at the state and federal levels.  We also regularly work with our legislators and partnering governmental agencies to assist them with constituent services.

Some of our recent Advocacy work has included:

  • Addressing the under-estimating of the HUD Fair Market Rents (FMRs) that threatened the availability of affordable housing in Central Massachusetts.
  • Supporting the continuance of affordable housing legislation in Massachusetts (Chapter 40(b).
  • Met with State and Federal legislators to advocate for funding for affordable housing, community water and wastewater infrastructure programming and small business resources.
  • Wrote and distributed an analysis of foreclosure in rural New England that advocated that the effect of the foreclosure crisis on rural communities is significantly affecting the ability of rural communities to provide safe, affordable housing.
  • Participated in a Fair Housing Open House in collaboration with the City of Worcester.

Get Involved

RCAP cannot pursue the World We Want without your support.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about our programs and challenges.  You can help us make a difference through your support.  If you wish to support our efforts, stay informed, or get involved in any of the issues we address, we encourage you to:

For more information about advocacy and public policy at RCAP Solutions, please contact:

Brian Scales, Chief Governmental Affairs Officer at 800-488-1969 x 6649,

Maegen McCaffrey, Chief Communications Officer at 800-488-1969 x 6714,

Please visit our 2015 Legislative Agenda Items by visiting our Public Policy Page.