Volunteer Opportunities

Although RCAP Solutions has nearly 100 staff members at work in the states and territories we serve, we continually count on the efforts of companies, foundations and concerned and talented individuals to help us foster community development goals and objectives. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our organization. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on volunteers to help us accomplish the mission.

Day-to-Day Operations:

We rely on volunteers for many areas:

  • Administrative Work
  • Clerical
  • Community Outreach
  • Project Ambassadors

It is our pleasure to invite you to complete the volunteer application by clicking on the volunteer button below. Those applicants chosen will be rewarded first and foremost with our gratitude for their time and efforts.

Corporate Operations:

RCAP Solutions is looking for qualified individuals with expertise in program development and management, fundraising, public relations, public policy and other areas, who are interested in serving on our board of directors or on regional councils. We welcome inquiries from individuals throughout the northeastern United States, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean regions who are interested in working with us.

For information on being considered for service on the RCAP Solutions Board of Directors or on joining one of our Regional Councils, please call Karen Koller at 1-800-488-1969.

For more information, please contact Human Resources at: HR@rcapsolutions.org.


RCAP Solutions is proud to be an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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