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Survivors of domestic violence often flee their homes and become homeless in search of safety and better lives for themselves and their family. SafeStep Emergency Assistance Shelter is a scattered site transitional program that provides families with safe, temporary housing and stabilization services necessary to live a healthy life with their families. Our families come from very diverse cultural, educational and employment backgrounds. Clients are referred to SafeStep by social service agencies and homeless shelters throughout Massachusetts.

Our Mission

During their time in the SafeStep Emergency Assistance Shelter, victims are provided with rehousing services and referred to counseling, educational or employment opportunities needed to support their families and establish their independence as a domestic violence survivor. Each family is assisted by their case manager in order to locate permanent housing. SafeStep’s mission is to provide support and opportunities to families, helping them to successfully transition to permanent, stable living situations.

Who’s Eligible for SafeStep?

Those eligible for Safe Step are survivors of domestic violence who are homeless as a result of fleeing an abusive situation. The family must be homeless or residing in a shelter due to domestic violence.


Families work with case managers and the appropriate services to develop individualized service and safety plans and better their lives. Housing is leased under RCAP Solutions. Client names do not appear on the leases or mailboxes.

Housing Placement

SafeStep offers 13 scattered site apartments throughout Worcester County. We provide furniture and items needed to sustain a healthy and safe life. Case managers assist families with applications to suitable rental subsidy programs, public housing, and other affordable housing programs as well as market rent units.

Call our HCEC Line at 800-488-1969 extension 6770 to speak to one of our Housing Counselors Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.