Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC)

HCEC logo 2014RCAP Solutions Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC) is located in our Worcester office.  HCEC is the first point of contact for all clients interested in RCAP Solutions housing counseling, programs and resources.

Our Housing Counselors can offer information about RCAP Solutions housing programs, schedule one-on-one meetings and workshops for a variety of purposes including program enrollment, referrals to community resources, etc.

HCEC Programs include:

  • Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT):  A program funded by MA Department of Housing and Community Development that can provide eligible families in our service area with financial assistance to help prevent homelessness.
  • First Time Home Buyer Counseling and Education:  RCAP Solutions provides individual, pre-purchase counseling to assist first-time home buyers with one-on-one preparation and workshops to purchase.  We offer Certification workshops as required by HUD and CHAPA funding and other lenders for some low-interest, low down-payment mortgage products.  Preparing to buy a home brings many challenges including, credit worthiness, down payment savings, knowledge about the steps in the process, etc.
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues:  Our Housing Counselors can direct you to information about MA tenancy laws, housing options, specialized housing, home modification’s, utility security, security deposit laws, eviction laws/rights, etc.  If you have an issue related to your rights/responsibilities as either a landlord or a tenant we’re here to help.
  • Post-Purchase Home Ownership Counseling:  Our Housing Counselors continue to provide support to new home owners and existing home owners.  The challenges of home ownership continue after the closing.  Through our Counseling and workshop session, home owners will learn about mortgage sustainability, options and when to re-finance, foreclosure prevention, etc.
  • Secure Jobs:  An employment readiness Program. Our mission is to not only provide short term tools to end homelessness, but also equip our clients with long term tools and goals.
    • Established in 2013 as a pilot program in partnership with the Fireman Foundation with funding through the Housing Stabilization and Preservation Trust Fund. Other partners in launching this program include the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) and Eastern Bank.
    • Gainful employment is critical to a family’s ability to maintain housing stability.  The Secure Jobs program helps people achieve the long-term objective of self-sufficiency and permanent housing.  Since its inception, the program has helped more than 1oo people with the steps needed to secure long-term employment.
    • In addition to providing clients with personalized employment services, our Secure Jobs staff works with the client to remove barriers to success by linking participants with childcare resources, transportation to and from training programs, helping navigate options for people who have challenges with CORIs, and providing skills training, job readiness training, and job search services.
    • Secure Jobs also guarantees that you will continue to receive the benefits you currently have, such as:  SNAP, Child Care, RAFT, HomeBase, Emergency Shelter; even after being employed*.  RCAP will be providing job readiness training, career planning, child care and employment. We will create an individualized career plan that adjust to the specific needs of our clients and integrates their rehousing plan.


  • Understanding Credit and Financial Planning:  Our Housing Counselors can assist you in developing a budget that is built on your current financial picture and help you work toward your financial goals.  We can demonstrate how credit can assist you in reaching your financial dreams.


  • Education and Training Calendar:  RCAP Solutions workshops and trainings are available to help you access information that can lead you toward accomplishing your housing goals.  Click the link below to visit our current Workshop Calendar. Our Education and Training Calendar compliments our Housing Counseling Program by offering referrals to other community programs and providing information in a group setting on topics including: Financial Literacy, Understanding Credit, First-time Home buyer certification, Tenants Rights/Responsibilities, etc.
  • Call our office at 800-488-1969 and ask to speak to one of our HCEC Housing Counselors Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.