Asset Management

In order to best assess a community’s needs, RCAP Solutions performs comprehensive surveys, data collection and analysis on the water and/or wastewater equipment and infrastructure.  The data collected is used to project funding needs and sources; information that is necessary and often times required, when applying for a grant or a loan.

Asset Management analysis includes:

  •  Comprehensive Inventory of the System
  •  Mapping and Site Studies
  •  Needs and Vulnerability Assessments
  •  Rate and Cost Estimating
  •  Capital Improvement Planning
  •  Funding Acquisition

Asset Management activities assist in minimizing the need for emergency shutdowns of a system due to equipment failure.  RCAP Solutions can provide the tools and training a community/system needs to manage their facilities and avoid costly shutdowns and emergency repairs.

For more information, please contact Sarah Buck, Deputy Director, Community Resources: 978-630-6658, email: